About the Lakeview Oregon fly-in

2024 Free Flight Festival

Get ready for the revival of the Free Flight Festival!

2024 Free Flight Festival

Get ready for the revival of the Free Flight Festival!

July 4th-6th located in the great Oregon Outback of Lake County. Open for hang gliding and paragliding. There are 6 beautiful flying sites to choose from with launches varying a whooping 240 degrees! from SW to E. The 2 main flying sites are…

Black Cap located above Lakeview. Works in SW to W wind. site info here also on

Sugar Hill just south of Lakeview and few miles past the California boarder

Other sites Here is a great article on all the flying sites in the area.

We are working on organizing a shuttle for launches and looking for volunteers for retrieves. Please email dessertairriders@hotmail.com or shelley@allaboutlakecounty.com if you are interested in volunteering or have questions regarding the event

The Flight schedule is

  • July 4 – Distance Race
  • July 5 – Sugar Hill Dash and Distance Race
  • July 6 – Spot Landing – Distance Race

When you are not in the air-

  • July 4 – Memorial BBQ for all Flyers
  • July 5 – Live music at the Neon Cowboy Roadhouse
  • July 6 – Pasta Dinner at the Eagles Lodge/Awards Ceremony

T-shirts and Registration here (t-shirt with the image above)

Local accommodations…

  • Neon Cowboy Roadhouse + Hotsprings – Camping/RV (no plug in) and hotel rooms and restaurant open every evening book
  • Wildgoose RV park – camping/RV only book
  • Summerlake Hotsprings – cabins and camping/RV book located ~50 minutes north of Lakeview
  • Freemont Inn book

Past events

2021 Pine Mtn Fly-In

An informal paragliding and hang gliding get-together has been taking place at Pine Mountain almost every year for the last 30 years, bringing smiles to the faces of pilots and their families since 1991. Pilots from near and far gather to enjoy morning, mid-day, and glass-off flights, and the evening gatherings that ensue.

We need a primary venue and fly-in coordinator for the 2021 fly-in! Historically the fly-in has occurred on Labor Day weekend. Email desertairriders@hotmail.com if you can help.

The 2020 Fly-in was canceled due to COVID-19. See the 2019 Photo Album for photos taken during the last Pine Mt. Fly-in.

Thank you to our past Sponsors: AirLink, Blizzard Wines, Eagle Paragliding, Flytec USA, Gradient USA, Ozone, Skydive Awesome, Super Fly Paragliding, The Crash Pad, and USHPA